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Things You Should Consider Doing in the Country of Georgia

Are you looking for a destination in Europe that will awe you? If yes, then you should consider visiting the country of Georgia. Nevertheless, a traveler might be confused on the places and things to do while in such a destination considering that there are numerous tourist attraction to visit. Fortunately, you have come to the best site because we are going to outlines ideas for exciting things you should do in Georgia that will make the trip unforgettable and want to come back again. Moreover, for the best tour experience, you will want to choose the right tour package and make the best out of the trip.

To start with, you will want to visit the capital of Georgia, Tbilisi which is the first stop for most travelers. And with a lot of incredible things to do while in the capital, it is easy falling into the temptation to spend virtually your whole Georgia tour in this breathtaking city. The climax of any visit to the capital is a walk through the Old Town. Antique churches, memorials as well as erections are set alongside an eye-catching hillside. You can hike to the top, but for a birds-eye perspective of the Old Town, it is best that you zip up using a modern cable car. And if the walking leaves with aching bones, you can bathe in the thermal springs situated right in the middle of the Old Town in Tbilisi. Situated on the opposite front of the Kura River is unbelievable contemporary architecture, creates an interesting contrast against Old Town.

In addition to that, you can consider attending a traditional Supra while you are in Georgia. If you are wondering what a Supra is, this is a traditional Georgian feast. Picture platter after platter of palatable Georgian cuisines provided in a Georgian home, at the same time abundant quantities of homemade wine is passed around till late in the evening. You can attend the traditional supra but after an invitation from friends in the country.

You can also, try some of the tasty Georgian wine if you love wine. The Georgian wine is fast becoming distinguished as some the highest quality vino in Europe. This is because the temperate environmental settings found in Kakheti (a province in Georgia) plus the epochs of experience by the local vintners which makes the wine delicious. Georgian wine is accessible almost in every place as locals can brew wine at home, but you wouldn’t want to miss out on tour to the Khatkhati vineyards.

For foodies, make sure you try some khachapuri. It is simply a Georgian bread infused with cheese and eggs to create a doughy cheesy goodness.

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